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Hear from former visitors about their experience on sabbatical with us.

We used our down time (here) to reflect on past successes and failures searching where God wants to take us and thanking Him for where we have been and all we have been through.  Every day is a new day full of wonder and excitement to see how He uses us to bless others.  Our work is our ministry and we covet your prayers for us as we include your journey and ministry in our prayers.  You are doing an awesome thing here! God bless you.

Pastor John

What an absolute slice of heaven you have here at the Retreat Campus.  It is hard to express how rejuvenated I feel after only a few short days.  Everything was first class.  You have a wonderful ministry here and I know God will continue to bless it for many years.  Thank you so much for your hospitality, your kindness, and your friendship.  They will mean a lot to me.

Reverend Monson

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your incredible generosity in letting us stay here at the Retreat Campus.  We feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity! What a joy it was to reconnect with each other and to draw nearer to the Lord in such a special way.

Pastor Gary and wife

Our experience while here has been a blessing and an escape from the fast-paced lifestyle we experience in our everyday ministry.  It’s been a great experience.  You truly have a fantastic ministry.  We will keep you and this ministry in our prayers.

Reverend Jay

This is my second stay here and once again I was so uplifted by the prayer and love that permeate this place by the team who provides it.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.  At first I was trapped with an idolatry of wanting to have the same spiritual experience I had last year.  But God awakened me to the value of a spiritual desert and wilderness.  I am learning to love and cherish it on its own terms because I know God is using it to prepare me for better service and fuller joy.  May God continue to bless and deepen and widen your ministry here.  I certainly plan to share this place with my fellow clergy in the diocese.  Your gift of creating a place where people can open themselves to God is a pearl of great price and I am so grateful for it.

Reverend Whitney